About the company


The seeds for Solegasm™ Socks were planted years ago with the founder’s need for self-expression. He tried to find the most unique sock colors and prints only to mismatch them to create a look he could call his own. Finding and mixing argyle dress socks (the only dope socks around way back when) started his life lived against the grain in pursuit of sole individuality and continued to sprout from there.

With the launch in January 2016, Solegasm™ formed its roots with this concept of self-expression through art. Taking inspiration from classic art styles as well as collaborating with some of the most talented artists, Solegasm™ transforms beautiful artwork into fresh, unique, expressive, wearable art for your feet that hopes to inspire creative thinking.

As the venture into apparel, Solegasm™ is keeping its growth organic and its mind open for learning, working steadily to build a brand that stays true to its values.